We are always reminded to stay ” God Focused”

( Bracelet: Ms. Patrice Canty)

Who Are We:

Precious Pearls Mentoring & Stepper Co. is a community organization with the purpose of reaching out to girls ages 11-18 in need of mentorship and guidance. In our weekly sessions, we dive into various topics i.e.: health, relationships, friendships,  identity, self-esteem, respect, bullying, and a host of other topics. We have quarterly sessions with businesses in the community to learn about different career fields and gain insight into the careers the girls would like to pursue. PPM&S is a place where girls can come to find/gain inspirational and informative guidance that will aid and equip them to become a better version of themselves.

The Step team was formed so the girls can build self confidence, unity, and sisterhood.

Mission: Our mission is to support, uplift, encourage and educate girls as they embark on life’s journey; through service, education, and fun fellowship.

Vision: Precious Pearls Mentoring and Steppers’ vision is to educate and empower girls ages 11-18 by inspiring them to recognize and embrace their own potential to be confident, self-sufficient, unique, determined, and powerful in their lives as well as in their communities. We encourage our girls to pursue academic excellence, leadership, personal growth, development and service.

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