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Wallisa Lankford is a wife, mother of 3, and founder of Precious Pearls Mentoring. A youth non-profit organization dedicated to adolescent girls. With over 15 years of experience mentoring and working with the youth, she has a passion for seeing young people thrive, given their many adversities. She knows firsthand the importance of a positive role model and community support. From her childhood growing up in foster care and surviving sexual assault, she saw and experienced the selfless acts of women coming together to support, uplift, and encourage her. Overcoming those obstacles and having those positive role models in her life drives her to be that same beacon of light for the youth today. She provides support and motivation through speaking opportunities and mentorship to help children understand their purpose and live it out. Her goal is always to provide tools and knowledge in a fun interactive way to support, uplift, and encourage, no matter the circumstance or situation.

She believes you can EVOLVE from any situation into all God has ordained for you with a good laugh and communication.

My past

does not define

my future

- Unknown


Giving Your Best: Wallisa Lankford

Services offered:

Youth Educational Anger Management Course

Youth Group Facilitator