Wallisa Lankford


I am a mother of 4 (1 who is at home with the Lord), wife, ministry leader, certified life coach, and servant of God. I have experienced firsthand the importance of positive role models and the positive outcome from communities and individuals coming together to help an at-risk kid during her time of need. Although trying times, there were Godly women who stayed by my side, lending a listening ear, a shoulder to cry on, and prayers that brought me through. Through life’s trials and healing, God called me to start a Mentoring Program, to be that listening ear, shoulder to cry on, and a beacon of light to lead and guide the youth on to a better path. My desire is to provide a safe, fun, respectful place where girls can gain insight into who they are and their purpose. To offer them the tools and knowledge to be the best version of themselves. My goal is always to support, uplift, and encourage no matter the circumstance or situation.

Ramona Pringle

Mentor / Board Member

Ramona is a veteran of the United States Military (thank you for your service), mother, wife, and servant of God. She has years of mentoring experience and wants nothing but the best for the youth.

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