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Precious Pearls Mentoring & Steppers was founded in 2018 to reach out to girls in need of mentorship and guidance. In each of our sessions, we dive into a scripture text referencing health, relationships, friendships, Identity, Self-Esteem, and a host of other topics. We have a quarterly session with businesses in the community to learn about various career fields.

Mission: To provide a place where young women can come to learn and grow to better understand who they are and to navigate life’s lessons . and find biblical and everyday inspirational information that equips them to become a better version of themselves.

Vision: To support, uplift, encourage, and most of all glorify God our Father through knowledge, service, and fun fellowship in all life’s challenges

Goal: To utilize the Bible and life experiences to inspire, motivate and equip the lives of these young women as they transition to adulthood by building communities of support.

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